Friendship, martial arts and Reality TV

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 “Adults don’t want to watch other people having sex. They want to see someone getting told off in a store!” So said Ronnie from Watch What Crappens, the podcast I listen to after I’ve watched the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York. Ben had just been theorising about why we love to watch them so: “Because they’re a big part of the population who are otherwise absent from popular culture, maybe?” He said. “Women from 40 – 60 of age with real and interesting lives?” Or, as my friend, the late, great Demetrius Graves said, women who are finally…

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Is there a point to worrying about stuff that might happen?

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It’s not that I didn’t worry before my son Leo was born that he would have autism. I certainly covered that. In fact, a few years ago, I phoned a therapist I had talked to before deciding to have a baby, and after I’d caught her up on the events of the last few years, she breathed down the phone in wonder – a wonder that I was later quite proud of, I mean it must take quite a bit to impress a therapist, right? You think they’ve seen it all but then there’s you … Anyway. ‘It all happened…

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