May 14, 2017 in Life

Thumbs up to Mary – and Lilith

Mothers Day is complicated for me, because my son is non verbal, and has severe autism, and so a special occasion without presents for him, or cake, or a party, would have no meaning in his world. I’m very happy to make these things happen on days like Christmas, or his birthday, but not for myself. That would heighten the sense of the absurd that already hangs about ‘mothers day’ for me like the faint whiff of a chemical air freshener that I can’t quite separate from the perfume of fresh flowers. It’s manufactured to a certain extent, and then, on the other…

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May 10, 2017 in Life

Where is my Reward?

I think about The Hero’s Journey and Structure a lot. Like, a lot a lot. I love working with and thinking about rhythm, patterns and structure in all aspects of life, especially music, daily and yearly rituals and routines (a glass of wine, and planned holidays are essential) – and most of all, storytelling, which is where theory becomes practise for me, as I work to become the best novelist I can be. At present, I’m particularly thinking about The Hero’s Journey in relation to my writing career and the publishing industry, because on June 3rd at Vivid Festival in Sydney I’m going to be presenting…

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March 2, 2017 in Events, Storytelling

Story Structure One Day Workshop: Byron Bay Writers Festival

You wouldn’t build a house that had no supporting beams, no foundation and no ceiling. Neither can you tell a satisfying story without having certain structural elements in place. This one day workshop will introduce participants to the basic elements of three act structure and help them learn how to identify and strengthen these elements in their own work. Tuesday 1st August, Byron Bay Writers Festival, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia For booking and other details, please go to:

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My Books

In The Mood

It’s February 1946, and Robert Booker is just home from the war. Home is a pretty weatherboard house in Sydney, where his wife, Catherine, is waiting. They haven’t seen each for three years, yet they are separated by so much more than time.
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The Cleanskin

An intelligent thriller filled with human drama, reminiscent of William Boyd’s Restless. From the dark heart of The Troubles, The Cleanskin is a story of intense human relationships with a cast of flawed and entirely believable characters.
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