The Women and The Girls

A novel about friendship, love, work and motherhood, 1970s style

It’s 1977, and warm, bohemian Libby Kinsella – stay-at-home mother, genius entertainer and gifted cook – is lonely. And so when two other mothers suddenly decide to leave their husbands, and move out with their children, she joins them, forming a household which is part hippy commune, and part strict group home. Their husbands aren’t happy about it, though, and neither are their children. 

Set against a backdrop of inner-city grunge, far-out parties and Abba songs, The Women and The Girls is a funny, questioning and moving novel about friendship, work, family, and freedom.

Published by Allen & Unwin



Mika and Max - Laura Bloom

Mika & Max

A book for readers 10+

A story about a girl who meets a boy who changes everything 

“Short, sharp and wholly powerful. A precious little wonder of a book.”


The Dream Riders Series

Without a saddle or a bridle, all that’s left is the truth.

In a small country town where everyone comes to be different, four young teens who don’t fit in break away from the rules of Pony Club, to learn about natural horsemanship, at the magical equestrian centre, Pocket of Dreams. It’s a skill the young people must draw on in every aspect of their lives, as they face their own challenges, and share adventures beyond their imagining.

Shortlisted for the 2019 Children’s Literature Peace Prize.

Laura Bloom – Author

Laura Bloom has written nine bestselling and critically acclaimed adult and children’s novels.

Intimate and honest. Passionate, real and compelling, Bloom’s work is intelligent writing, with strong  plots, complex characters and complete emotional truth.

‘This is compelling fiction’ 

Cameron Woodhead, The Age

‘A masterpiece of drama and characterisation.’

Alan Gold, The Australian

May 21, 2020 in Life

Why I Wrote “Mika and Max”

It makes me sad, and mad, that the first person with a disability who I ever got to know was my own baby! This is because, growing up, I had been separated from people with disabiltiies – or, rather, they had been separated from me. Not only in my education and day to day life, but in the books I read, and shows I watched on TV. People with disabilities, and their stories, were so effectively and comprehensively excluded from most mainstream culture that I wasn’t even aware it was happening until I became the mother of a child with…
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May 21, 2020 in Life

A review of “Mika and Max” from Reading Time, the Children’s Book Council of Australia

Mika is growing up, though it seems her mother does not quite see it just yet. When the book opens, Mika and her family are on holiday at a music festival and right away, there’s an unease about Mika any young reader on the cusp of change will recognise. Laura Bloom manages to convey Mika’s unease with her skin, or the rather the skin that no longer fits her because she’s figuring out who she is – is she the person to be pulled in a dozen different directions pleasing everyone else or just the one she wants to be…
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