June 16, 2019 in Life

Review of “Frankie” by Megan Daley from The Children’s Book Daily Review

Frankie has always wanted a horse and when her family move to Mullumbimby for a ‘tree change’, she is hopeful this will become a reality. As it turns out, the ‘tree change’ was perhaps a last attempt at saving Frankie’s parents’ marriage, and the story begins with Frankie at her dad’s place and then off to her mums, who has repartnered and set up family with Vivian and her young daughter. Frankie is caught between concern for her dad, who is clearly not coping and is deeply saddened by the marriage breakdown, and excitement as her mother presents her with…
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May 13, 2019 in Friendship, Storytelling, Writing

Introducing “Frankie”

Frankie is Book 1 in the Dream Riders series - a new middle-grade series I am co-writing with Jesse Blackadder, about horses, friendship and being true to yourself. The novels follow the lives of the Dream Riders as they enter the magical world of Pocket of Dreams ,and learn to ride without saddles or bridles, using only skill and rapport to direct the horse. It’s a skill they must draw on in every aspect of their lives, as they face their own challenges. The series sits within the classic tradition of stories about young people and horses – books like My Friend…
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October 17, 2018 in Life, Storytelling, Writing

Where are all the clever girls?

Last week I finally got to see Bruce Beresford's new movie, Ladies in Black, based on the novel by Madeleine St John. Two hailstorms and a cyclone had previously stopped me, and I was beginning to think I wasn't meant to go. But the skies cleared, I went, and I absolutely loved it - especially the idea that 'there's nothing so wonderful as a clever girl,' which is said by one of the characters in the movie, and is a theme which is developed and celebrated. It also made me sad. Angourie Rice, who plays one of the clever girls in the movie - Lisa -…
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My Books

Mika and Max by Laura Bloom

Mika & Max

A book for readers 10+

A story about a girl who meets a boy who changes everything 

When 13 year old Mika is forced to attend a music festival with her family, she resigns herself to hippies, heat and embarrassment. But nothing could prepare her for Max…

To be released in August


Book 1 in the Dream Riders Series. 

Frankie’s dream becomes more of a nightmare when her new horse turns out to be Zen – a shaggy, disobedient clown of a pony, who totally wrecks her chances of fitting in at Pony Club in her new town. Until magnetic horse whisperer Shannon shows Frankie how wonderful Zen could be if she’s willing to give him another chance.